The Chosen: Well of Souls

Action 2007 Windows Rebelmind Isometric Role playing

Let's slay some demons!

It might be little more than a bargain basement take on the classic action RPG that is Diablo II, but The Chosen is a surprisingly entertaining romp that packs in just about everything you could want from such a game. Sure, it's not overly original and doesn't do much that we haven't seen elsewhere in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing and similar titles but if you want plenty of monsters to kill, a hefty world to explore and lots of weapons to loot, then this is for you. The game takes place in a grim version of the 19th century and sees you in control of a set of characters who are part of an ancient brotherhood of monster hunters. Their latest quest takes them on the trail of a villainous sorcerer who now wants to destroy God's Envoy, a powerful individual who only pops up every few hundred years. The game itself follows closely in the footsteps of its inspiration, being a traditional hack 'n' slash adventure viewed from an isometric perspective. You've got more than 200 weapons and armor to discover, while you can get help from NPCs and can even control golems and demons in an interesting twist. The Chosen is definitely not blessed with an abundance of originality but if this isn't something that bothers you, then you're going to have a lot of fun here. There's no shortage of action, while the world created here is visually interesting and packed with detail. There's a fair bit of depth to the action too, and although the story and voice acting could be better, these are minor gripes, making this a cheap and cheerful to any collection.

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