Pro League Baseball

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Compelling baseball management sim

Baseball fans in need of some old-school sports simulation fun might be curious to check out Pro League Baseball, and the game offers armchair coaches some entertaining management-style gameplay. While the game is heavily text-based, with minimal graphics, it does offer plenty of stats and realism and provides a realistic approach to the game. It features a full lineup of 1991 major League players, which will satisfy sports historians, and the detail on display here is quite impressive. Players take their teams through the whole gamut of professional sports activities, from drafting new players, trading with other teams, managing game tactics and of course, working their way up the league through matches in authentically modelled stadiums. The game does lack some visual appeal, thanks to its almost spreadsheet-like appearance, but the spoken commentaries liven things up a bit and go a long way to creating a strong atmosphere. A good range of options and features are included here which will certainly maintain the interest of the hardcore baseball or sports management fan, and if you can get into things, the game proves quite addictive, as you see your team evolving and improving. However, for casual players or those looking for a more action oriented sports sim, this is likely to prove less than enthralling. Its generally slow pace and focus on micromanagement mean that it is quite specialist in nature, but the flexible and detailed interface make things quite accessible and easy to pick up. The Micro League Baseball series is perhaps one for those more interested in action and strategy, but this remains a compelling management experience.

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