The Flintstones: Dino Lost in Bedrock

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Hi-Tech Expressions Tales and legends Cartoon Platformer

Where is the vibrant prehistoric world?!

Flintstones, The: Dino Lost in Bedrock is a submediocre platformer, that lacks personality, lacks polish and is just a game that would not seem out of place in some no name cereal box. Although, on second thought, there were better games stashed in cereal boxes, (Civilization got a cereal box promotion, yap, really!) actual classics, so there's that, this isn't the best way to criticize it. So I'll just give it to it punctually, as it deserves. Because Flintstones, The: Dino Lost in Bedrock is aggravating graphically, control wise, has subpar animations and generally doesn't really make justice to the cartoon series in no way. It just looks like some corporate game of the 90s made by people that have never ever seen a single episode of the cartoon. Anyway, if you still haven't been convinced to skip it, know that you'll control Fred and some other characters through very linear and undeveloped levels, never knowing if you can jump on a platform or if that is just some background visual. Plus, the controls are criminal even when you know what you want to do. Sorry Fred, this is not a game worth of your status. Instead, The Flinstones is both a more characterfull game as well as a more colorful, more like the cartoon series, which shows that it doesn't take much to give Flintstones the game they deserve, but you got to at least try!

Fun but unpolished platformer

If you missed the Flintstones, Barney, Wilma, Fred and all the other Stone age nutcrackers, this platformer will bring them to you, in a good 2D platformer adventure presentation, which is not half bad! The gist of the game is simple: You have to take any of the characters the game puts you in control of and take them from left to right while making use of the platforms, avoiding the enemies and bashing prehistoric skulls whenever needed. The game sports a crude palette of colors, reminiscent of platformers that were much more prominent on the NES console. But, frankly that will not create problems. Rather more problematic are the animations of your protagonists, which rarely manage to look half decent. Thankfully enough, the ledges, elevations and other elements are well produced, so jumping is not a problem, as you will rarely miss your mark due to poor collision control. At any rate, how much you will spend with this game depends entirely on your love for crude looking, simple platformers that do not hide much under there; while they can offer a fun experience, they never take you by surprise or offer you anything too complex or memorable. So, unless you want a lot more, The Flintstones will quench your prehistoric hunger just right and is worth a go!

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