Bruce Lee Lives: The fall of Hong Kong Palace

Action 1989 Dos Dosbox Software Toolworks Oriental Beat em up

A nice DOS 8bit style fighter with Bruce Lee

Back when this game was advertised, the graphics it sported were sold as complete motion picture software which, for 89 must have been a bit more accurate, though I'm guessing a bit of an overstatement, regardless of the day and age! Also, the action sequences, the movement of the sprites themselves was sod as full action fighting scenes hehe, again, pretty over the top compared to what the game had to offer. But, let's not be too critical, and judge the game by its time and merits! And, in this mindset, to be quite frank, Bruce Lee Lives: The fall of Hong Kong Palace is a more then decent fighter game, as it offers a lot more than what brawlers on the NES at the time could conjure. Indeed, what the marketing department calls full action is just better than average animations, but then again, the game has very little to offer in comparison to MK or Street Fighter. But, the full color graphics which barely exceed more than 4 to 5 colors on the screen at any one time and the nicely rendered combos, the macro keys as they were sold at the time, work more than okay and offer you a more than playable fighter. So, here you go Bruce Lee fans, a fighter game that was oversold back in its days, but which can survive the test of time if you love 8bit fighters!

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