Action 1983 Dos Dosbox Ebenel Enterprises Oriental Beat em up

Early Japanese themed beat em up, pretty playable still

In Bushido you are an energetic martial arts connoisseur who is assaulted by an endless stream of enemies. They are everywhere! In the open spaces of the game, in the interiors of the game, everywhere. The sidescroller is thrus relatively expansive, quite minimalist graphically, but yet, well executed. That means that the animations and the controls are immediate, and best of all, more fluent than you'd expect. The color scheme might give you pause, but if you've played, for instance, ZX Spectrum, you'll feel right at home. Yes, the very early construction of the game, minimalist as it may be, is nonetheless, very well suited to the game, and also allows for quite a few original ideas and graphical flurries, so that you will really have a great time playing it. So, no matter what, if left to right beat em up is what you want, in a really cool and fitting Japanese/Oriental infused set of levels, this one will provide. Yes, it becomes repetitive after a while but so do most other beat em ups, as that is more of a genre staple than anything else. For a relatively similar experience, yet a more graphically endowed one, see Budokan, graphically superior and definitely better polished, overall.

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