Nippon Safes Inc.

Adventure 1992 Dos Dynabyte Third Person

Nice, crack the safe puzzle collection

Nippon Safes Inc. is not one of the first, but a later try at safe cracking puzzlers, all built around a premise and sporting a set of characters to move from location to location. There is also a lot of instant traveling from safe to safe, as you will try to crack safes with a list of characters spread through a larger area. In terms of the puzzles themselves, there is some variety, but not a lot. You might also have some trouble with the changing interface, which shifts to accommodate different types of gameplay situations, making it harder at times to pick the right kind of interaction you are looking for. You will need to think some puzzles through more carefully than others, but overall, the game doesn't throw too much diversity or challenge at you. In terms of the graphics, while it definitely could have been better, the game still looks ok, with a rather murky eastern/western style that none too personal nor too detailed. So, in conclusion, if you like hard logical puzzles, in a wrapping that takes the form of safe cracking go at it: Nippon Safes Inc. will provide a good challenge

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