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Going back to Neverland to save your children

This is a point and click adventure game, starring Peter Pan, though years after the events that made him famous in the well known novel. Now, with Captain Hook having kidnapped his children, it is his duty to return to Neverland and attempt to bring them back. Overall, this adventure game looks nice enough, and the Neverland world is surely interesting and boasting with lots of detail and life. You'll have puzzles where you have to act aggressively, making the most of the situation at hand, and then, there are classic point and click puzzles to solve too. The game, while point and click is delivered in a first person perspective, of which only a part of the screen is occupied. The rest is full of your items and other information that will prove useful in your journey. Overall, the game has a sense of Monkey Island pirates, but also takes a lot from the novel with Peter Pan, and thus, creates a unique and interesting setting. Worth downloading and playing, without question, even in spite of it's somewhat problematic production.

If you believe in fairies, clap your hands!

Based on the movie with the same name, the game follows adult Peter into Neverland, where the evil Hook kidnapped his children. In this point and click adventure (like the Gene Machine ) you, playing Peter, will have to remember that you are Peter Pan and save your son and daughter. You have Tinkerbell as your aid as you go through Neverland to the cave of the Lost Boys, when you become Peter Pan and finally go confront captain Hook. You play the game by clicking to move and interact with objects. You have a game panel at the bottom with buttons that you press to drop, pick up something etc. The visuals are quite good and cartoonish in their design, followed by a magical midi tune. The only objection I would make is that the game is too short. It would be nice if one could play it a bit longer than a few hours. In any case, this is a fun and adventurous game everybody should check out if you like the Neverland, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

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