Denarius Avaricius Sextus

Adventure 1992 Dos Thorsoft Third Person

An adventure in the less known Avvy series

Thorsoft might not have amassed the same brand recognition that other games, such as Lucas Arts Commands, but some of their adventure games can stand next to the greats from these companies without issues. Such is the case with Denarius Avaricius Sextus, a game that is basically an adventure in which you go back in time to the first few years of AD – 79. You play as the titular character of the title, Denarius Avaricius Sextus, who is only interested, as the name might tongue in cheek suggest, in money and power. In that time frame, he lives in Pompeii, and, up until Pompeii will be ridden by flame and volcanic ash, you have your window to become the richest man in the land! The game plays as a regular adventure game, however there are also some action oriented puzzles, but the overall feel of the game is that of a dark comedy. It's funny and relatively fun to play, though clumsy at times, yet its clumsiness doesn't ruin the immersion. But have a bit of patience with it! Else, download Hook, a adventure based on the movie of the same name and with a funny side as well, even if more subdued.

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