Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Gray Design Third Person

Help Hugo and Penelope out of the jungle!

Poor Hugo and Penelope were just hoping to reach their grandparents home safe and sound after a vacation, but, unfortunately, a freak incident caught them unaware and unprepared while on the road home. Now, if they had been on foot that wouldn't have amounted to much, but they were traveling by plane and the magnetic storm that caught them drove them off course in a South American jungle! And that's where you start the game, a classic point and click bonanza in the style of the Lucas Arts oldies. You will be involved with lots and lots of different puzzles, some which will ask of you to make use of items you find on your way, others which will task you with different types of activities. At any rate, the lost in the jungle couple story is pretty endearing and the sweet, colorful graphics will work their magic on you as well. It is nothing like the God awful Hugo's House of Horrors for some reason it managed to be a proper game, even if, sure enough, it's not some lost classic, but at least it puts some challenges in your way and is generally a bit more thoughtful, breaking fewer rules that transform a game into a hot mess!

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