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An Elite like, pretty well rounded but ultimately forgettable

If you crave some 4X before it was cool (!) then a lot of games can claim to have contributed to that genre. Not last on the list would be this game here, Noctis, which is pretty much a serious yet not that original, nor too enticing game of that kind. It seems to have stolen as much as it could from Elite and Elite likes, but, without a spark of genius of its own making, or even some original twist, it kind of falls flat on its back. Thus, the game is playable, can be said to be as fun as you'd want it to be, but don't expect a lot form it, it just delivers the original formula without adulterants. At the very least it looks palatable, plays relatively well, controls wise, and it is an overall fun game. The bit of originality that this game proposes is a universe where all life is missing, and so that is a bit of a shocker, but otherwise, it's a no surprises game. However, given that it too was made by a one man studio, maybe it shouldn't be criticized as harshly as some of the AAA, instead it should be considered a half success of a small man's love for the genre.

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