Adventure 1997 Windows Sierra On-Line Science Fiction First person

A hardcore adventure game; use walkthrough!

In Lighthouse you have to reach to this lighthouse, but, in the process you will experience a much more intricate and reveling story. It is the kind of game that really takes the ideas that we got used from other adventure game and turns them on their back. Thus, in Lighthouse you will have to play very calculatedly; you see, while in most adventure games you can't exit a certain screen or array of screen without uncovering all the collectibles or talking with all the cast members you are to talk with, this one doesn't have these cornerstones set in place. Part of that is done for immersion (although, I'd say that, a bit has to do with the game not being the best coded out there, too...) and sure you'll feel immersed but also lots more often than not. And, while the statics are cool and do sort of ask to be explored, after a while, wondering about aimlessly is tiring. So, yeah, play it if you like small yet ideologically expansive games, this one sure has a lot to offer from this point of view. It's similar to The Journeyman but much more restrained.

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