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Adventure in RAMA

RAMA is an advenure game developed and published by Sierra Entertainment in 1996 for PCs and in 1998 for Sony Playstation and is an implementation of famous sci fi writer A.C. Clarkes novels Rendevouz with Rama and Rama II, and it the second Rama game to be produced. In the game, you play as an astronaut whose mission is to explore an unusual objects that has entered the solar system and to find how and why it got there. To do so, you are presented with various mind challenging puzzles and have to find items which wil help you solve it. The gameplay is fairly simple. You click on the items to interact with them and click the surroundings to enlarge it, and you have items in your inventory to use and combine with items in front of you. Every now and then, you will meet other characters that will tell you or give you something that will help you on your quests. What is slightly annoying is that there is no option to control the volume of the music and game sounds, which can be problematic since sometimes you can hardly hear what the characters have to say from the soundtrack of the game playing. The graphics are good, but not fantastic, but dissadvanatages of the game can be overlooked by the interesting gameplay, great mind-boggling puzzles and fantastic plot. A.C. Clarke is not world famous for nothing and this game is a great adaptation of his works.

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