B.A.T. II - The Koshan Conspiracy

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox UBI Soft Science Fiction First person

Galactic proportions adventure game

The B.A.T. II - The Koshan Conspiracy continues and expands the offerings of the original. In it, you can choose to immerse yourself in the worlds that will be your backdrop all through the game, but in the end the story, both because of the way it is administered and due to its rather little effect on the game, can be put aside while you play. And so, the adventure can be just as enticing as you want it to be, story wise, but it can be played mechanically with little issues. The best thing about the game is the diverse backgrounds in which you'll experience the puzzles and the mind twisters that the game throws at you. Very diverse and at times very interesting to behold, the game does manage to do a good job, and an imaginative job at the same time. And so, if you've ever wanted an old school adventure game that had actually quality backdrop drawings, this sure does it. So, that is the bottom line. Whether you're in for a story, which doesn't need to be followed very closely or in it for a collection of nicely administered puzzles, you won't be disappointed.

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