Adventure 1996 Windows Palladium Interactive Multimedia novel Movie style

Some people just hate Myst!

Back when Myst was released, a lot of critics found it to be the epitome of gaming, the new way that gaming was supposed to look and feel like. Others, of course, saw it for what it was: a collection of pictures with interactive triggers that was just, you know, a bit too random and a bit too proud of itself! From this category of unimpressed people another niche rose, of people that really were angry at the game, thinking that Myst and its wide availability (it used to be bundled with printers, for Pete's sake!) will manage to subvert gaming and to allow developers to get away with creating such abominations and to pass them as games worth of praise. Thus, some took to parody to show the masses how ungamey Myst actually was, and thus, created this gem here, Pyst, a Myst for aggravated people. So, what this is, is a conversion of the original, taking most of the elements and just recreated it as if the island was derelict, filled with the refuse of all the people that wbet there. So yeah, lots of gutter, lots of jokes and well, things based on ugly rather than shiny and sparkly! Yeah, it's got that 90s punk/jock attitude about it, but hey, if you can stomach that it's a pretty well done conversion , still suffering from the ills of its inspiration, but definitely a breath of fresh air. Or rather, a breath of muck infested air, but hey, novelty is not always peachy and sweet!

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