Beneath a Steel Sky

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Third Person Cartoon Point and click Sci fi

Well executed, original, atmospheric; a touch of genius

There are few adventure games of the era when Beneath a Steel Sky came out that can be said to have the same attention to detail, interesting story that manages to create an attachment between player and game characters and to be so mature in theme, but not a second not playable, not a fun adventure. It's got all these and more, Beneath a Steel Sky and it does it's job within the same confines as all the other early days adventures. The themes, dark and mature, such as psychosis and mental distress do a good job of accentuating the story; the future is a dystopia and truth isn't always what it seems to be; it's a hard job getting to live a life under the totalitarian regime that governs this game's world, and as you'll find out, it's all out there, definitely worth exploring. So, more so that the game is free on GOG, you should try it; it's not exceptional graphically, or rather, it's type of old school excellence might no longer be viewed as such by those that have gotten their fair share of HD gaming, but once you let the story envelop you, with it's 1984 (Orwell's novel) in the future vibe, you'll soon find out that you're onto something truly special. For a somewhat good alternative, download Broken Sword, which definitely is just as playable and fun, even if the atmosphere is less darkly.

A creative point and click experience

Beneath a Steel Sky is a science-fiction point-and-click adventure game, released in 1994 and published by Virgin Interactive (famed for its "purely" innovative games). The action takes place in a futuristic world devastated by nuclear pollution. Your character named Robert Foster is abducted by security soldiers from Union City and the tribe that raised him was killed by the soldiers. Robert has a good knowledge of engineering and modern technology. After he survives the plane crash that initially was supposed to take him to Union City, Foster tries to discover the reason of his capture. This game impresses by its storyline, the unique world presented, full of enigmas and by the challenging puzzles that require creativity. It is a must for all old school adventure lovers and also, one of the most mysterious games of its era, and that's why you should consider giving it a try. The point and click gameplay occurs in an oversimplified background, where your tools in the inventory will help in the missions. Because of all the aspects noted, I strongly believe the title of the game describes its ambiance perfectly, and I can't think of a better name for it. As a conclusion, this game is worth playing even nowadays.

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