Action 1999 Windows Gathering of Developers Mystery 3D action adventure

If you want to be frightened to the marrow

Nocturne is a mystery horror game released in 1999, that succeeded to be named as one of the best adventure games of that time. This is because of its high quality story and features. If you want to live an experience that will frighten you to the marrow, this is the game you are looking for! The main hero, Stranger, is a mysterious operative that works for a secret organization called "Spookhouse", that fights against the supernatural. Your objective is to investigate four cases, in a background that involves zombies, dark places and fatal obstacles. The missions are divided in episodes, the gameplay has four independent Acts, being solved by your bad-ass character that is full of surprises. As you advance, the weapons become more powerful, and among them, are included: 9mm pistols, fire hydrants, dynamites, double-barreled shotguns, flamethrowers, and many more, that are responsible for a complete action and fight. Prepare to be attacked by vampires, chased by zombies and eaten by werewolves! Fortunately, you can save your progress anytime you want. The puzzles require a lot of patience, attention and intuition. I assure you that the action will keep you interested for hours, making you feel the blood pumping through your veins!

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