Interstate '82

Action 1999 Windows Activision Car and action 3D action adventure Rally Racing

Strictly for action lovers

It is an awesome action car racing game which has a lot of fun elements that are involved in the gameplay. The game is far more superior in fun and action as compared to its predecessor. Here you will be driving different cars of the 80's and will be blasting your enemies in these cars through the use of a wide variety of deadly weapons. The game has several play modes which includes the instant play mode, the training mode, the trip mode and the multiplayer mode. You have different missions to do in the game and every other mission involves a great deal of distinct action. You not only have to kill the enemies, but you also need to be good in blocking roads and devising safe tracks for escaping them. At every level, there are different weapons and items to collect. This time they have added a lot of details to the graphics so that the user can clearly see what is happening on the road. The game is also good in terms of the user interface and the controls are easily the best in terms of the doing action with the cars. Well brilliant is the word for this game. You can also try the old one Interstate '76.

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