Puzzle 1982 Dos VeriSoft Works Strategic scope

Sleek looking arcade maze game

The best asset of Novatron is the way its mazes look, and I'm saying mazes with a bit of an excuse, for lack of a better word. Because, the way the spaces look, they look like they're broken down levels/floors of apartment buildings. Or, better still, they look like a tridimensional blueprint plan, and because of that, Novatron is kind of an original, if, you not, not some unheard of kind of thing. Let's just say that it looks post punk and at the same time retro cutting edge! At any rate, what you will be doing within the confines of these blueprint levels is, as is the general rule of most maze games, find your way around, avoid levels and collect keys or other such trinkets. It's easy enough to control, but because of the perspective, a very particular isometry, at times it can be a little too difficult to really see where you are. But that doesn't matter so much, because, you soon find out that you can easily coordinate yourself, and then just focus on the gameplay itself. Which, for a maze game without too many pretentions, I'd say it's quite alright. Sure, not something you've never encountered before, but still good enough to merit looking into. So, give it a try and download Syndicate alongside it, if you want an isometric game that is a bit more complex.

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