Boxer Rebellion

Puzzle 1982 Dos Dosbox Carpenter Math or logic Strategic scope

Qix like, very old and yet playable

Even if this game was released in 82, it still managed to create a proper, fun and even original and unexpected kind of mix of experiences; for the most part it just offered you classic, run of the mill uncover the image/cover the surface with your web kind of gameplay. However, it featured a whole load of cool perils; there are the spider like creatures, which here look more like creatures of lines, as you'd expect from a game this old; but then, when you think you've see it all, it thrown some new enemy at you or a new mechanic, or something unique every other level. This is, from a purely technical standpoint pretty impressive; after all this is a pretty old game, and, even in spite of this, it works great, and is well crafted, overall. So, have Boxer Rebellion in your collection, it will definitely not disappoint. And if you crave more eye candy, well, then, there's just one game to definitely have around: Qix! So download both of them for a retro spider crawl fest like it's the 80s once again!

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