Lost Patrol

Action 1990 Dos Shadow Development Military Shooter

Event based action/shooter game

Lost Patrol will carry you through a host of WWII like missions, where you'll mostly be tasked with shooting enemies or a few other types of recon/targeting options. However, while you'd expect an action game to offer you the chance to actually move 2D like or 3D like through an environment, in this one you'll get a console based mission setting/advancing construct, which will throw you in different shooting arenas depending on luck and other factors or your actual choices. The game thus plays like an arcader, like a shooting range arcader, and, thus, will become a bit too repetitive, a bit too soon. Graphically, the game is ok, though the limited color scheme and the digitized backgrounds will look a bit off-putting to somebody that is used with modern games. Thus, I can only recommend this game to those that loved shooting arcade games or on-rail shooters, where you don't really have too much freedom of movement, but can shoot as many enemies as you can. Soon enough, however, boredom will kick in, as the keyboard controls are no match to a stand-alone arcade console with dedicated gun controllers.

Lost Patrol best of the best

This game is essentially Oregon Trail and Contra combined into one game with the setting as the Vietnam War. I actually played the MS-DOS version as a kid and it was great. They would never make a game this good, thoughtful and controversial these days. It is strategic and action packed. It's one of those games that kids in the 21st century could not understand because they do not have the ability to enjoy something that needs patience and skill. The sniper setting is the best, as real to life as even a game like Modern Warfare 3, yet this was made in 1990. If you can get over the graphics then you will find something that war games on XBOX arguably still has not reached. That combination of RPG and First person shooter game all in one, games these days rarely have that combination. The best of the best. They should have made a movie out of it. Brilliant.

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