RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Fantasy First person

Surreal dungeon crawl RPG, Golden Box perspective wise

Obitus tries, and in spite of its ancient technology, manages so nicely to create a dreamy world, which can scare you and put you in a state of psychological unrest. That is because most of the game takes place in a enclosed, murky forest spaces. The murkiness is in part created by the engine which, while is created using the regular Golden Box type engine slides, nevertheless manages to create a more cursive movement via sprite-ing of these slides. The effect creates a sort of space that is in constant shifting, with false shadows that seem to be hiding something so dangerous... The game rarely uses the "boo, be scared!" mechanic, which makes it even more insidious in its approach, but nevertheless, for a game so old the effect is guaranteed. Anyway, during your crawls you will encounter enemies and items and will have an experience that is similar to that of other first person RPGs of the era, but nevertheless Obitus has its own unique feel due mainly to the aspect of the dungeons and the forested areas. Ohh, you'll really be transported into Tolkien's forests in this one, in so much a scary fashion than recent games can do. Surreal is the word for it, SURREAL! See Eye of the Beholder (the original) for a less spooky Golden Box RPG!

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