RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Thalion Software Fantasy First person

Play it for its delightful atmosphere!

Amberstar is a 1992 role-playing fantasy game that is destinated to all adventure fans. A Lord was locked because he was responsible for the terror brought to the land. Someone wants to set him free from prison, but you have to prevent this. Your objective is to find the 13 pieces of the Amberstar. When you explore the outdoors, the view is from a top-down perspective (which provides greater details), and when you are located in the cities and dungeons, the perspective turns from a first-person view. You can enlarge your team, by interacting with other characters, who eventually will join you in your adventure. The fighting system is based on casting spells, adopting tactics and other defensive options. The game saves automatically, and your progress also includes an auto-mapping system. The controls are easy, you will move your character with the mouse, and the general gameplay runs fast and smooth. An aspect that wasn't uncalled for is the map's presentation and appearance. It shows even the unexplored locations, and also the areas that won't be available to explore in the future. So, I found this pointless, mostly because it reveals the false large size of the map. Unlike the graphics, which are nothing to shout about, the music is delightful, offering pleasant moments of playing. The atmosphere is one thing you should take into account, despite this game's flaws, so, give it a chance!

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