Spirit of Adventure

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox Attic Entertainment Software Fantasy First person

Orc infested golden box RPG!

In Spirit of Adventure you will have a really good time chasing orcs and creating as much havoc as possible. The game is a well designed, great overall Golden Box type experience, one that stays well within the classic recipe of the genre but is not without its merits. So, try it, sink into it, try to complete as many of the quests as you see fit and be happy to know that at any time something major could go down. In Spirit of Adventure you will mostly be fighting orcs, as this is the race that makes up the majority of the enemies. You can fight as a paladin, as a sword fighter, as an archer or you can dabble in spellcasting as well. The backstory is a beautiful mess of weird elements of all sorts, so you can appreciate it on so many levels, but at any rate, Spirit of Adventure doesn't require you to get inside it more than you want to. So, storywise Spirit of Adventure will give you as much or as little as you desire to get from it. Overall, Spirit of Adventure is a good companion to a game such as Eye of the Beholder and is a medieval set game to really want to be a part of.

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