Shining in the Darkness

RPG 1991 Sega SEGA Fantasy First person Role playing

A good classic RPG with good fantasy elements

It is a classic and conventional RPG game which is played from a first person perspective and involves a lot of fantasy elements which have been incorporated well into the gameplay. The kick here is that a peaceful kingdom by the name of Thornwood has been disturbed by an evil person who has abducted the princess and a knight. You are the son of the king and is now your job to rescue both of them and defeat the powers of the evil. You will set on your journey with a few members who will help you out in the course. You will be fighting with monsters every now and then and you also have to counter obstacles and puzzles of varied variety. Return to the village for selling the root that you gather on the way so that you can buy new and more effective weapons. The level designs in the game are very unique and they have very good color combinations and graphics. The gameplay here is a solid one and keeps you glued to every scenario that you come across. The interface is very catchy. The controls match well to the gameplay throughout the game and makes the game a true RPG classic. Pools of Darkness is based on the same theme and has somewhat the same style of gameplay.

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