Perry Mason

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Telarium Graphical IF

Play as an attorney in a noir 50s ambience

There is something rather catchy about the story of this game, as you play the role of an attorney, Perry Mason, skilled, rough around the edges but always interesting as a character. The story will keep you in, if you like investigation, if you like to go about seeing what it is to save someone from a very wrongful faith and, also, if you're interested in the intricacies of the legal system However, there is heart too to this game, it's not some judicial system glorification game, nope, not at all; this is a rather nice, well rounded game, with a noir feel to it, that emerges even in spite of the CGA additional graphics, that in this case, for an interactive fiction game, are more of a nuisance than a true addition. Nope, it's the story and the occasional puzzle that is harder to crack, yet not completely out of bounds that makes this game so great. If anything, you should play it just because it knows how to dose its intense moments with what would be regular attorney work. So, all things considered, Perry Mason: Case of The Mandarin Murder is intriguing enough to be worth having to re-learn how to play parser games. Else, if you want something more...magical, download Wizard of Oz, a good IF in CGI with a good story inspired by Baum's work.

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