Action 1997 Windows Invictus Games Platformer Puzzle based

Side scroller adventure alike Another World

This game, I would assume is both a direct rip off of Another World but at the same time it looks like to could have been a work of passion and love for the kind of gameplay and type of immersion that the side scrolling adventure original brought forth. So, it is hard for me to look at this game super objectively, though I'll try, because while playing it all I could see were spaces, animations and many more elements that look as if they were cloned from the aforementioned game. But, to its credit, the game is not bad, just not that original. In it oyu will explore an alien like set of caves and spaces, looking to find your way out. There is far less diversity in terms of enemies than what you could find in the original Another World, but, without a doubt, what you get is fun and interesting enough to merit a go. What the game lacks, more or less, is polish. The platforming portions are less accurate though more liberal, in that you don't have to be as well positioned as in Another World, but there is still a lot of trial and error going on. Also, the number of puzzles is lower, as the game is much more focused on exploration, finding your way out of a level. At any rate, I appreciated it, as Another World tended to be very difficult towards the end, as onEscapee is far more lenient with its increase in difficulty. So, try it as a lighter version of its original doppelganger, when you want a more relaxing experience.

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