Trash It

Action 1997 Windows GT Interactive Platformer Puzzle based

A fantastic platformer game

Trash it is a very good and visually superior platform game that stands out in the crowd of oh-so-many platformers out there by it's great level design, fantastic visuals and fun gameplay. Your main character is a tool man that goes around with a huge hammer that, surprisingly fits into his pocket just well, and he uses that hammer to smash his enemies into oblivion and make his way through hostile territories. There is a simple, platform like story mode and if you get sick of it, there is a little mini game that you can also play, which is basically using your giant hammer to knock down enemies that pop in and out of holes on a board that is in front of you. Hugely fun! The graphics are truly something spectacular and not typical. The chaacters and surroundings are full 3D rendered and look absolutely amazing. The animation is superb and the game flows smoothly, like a charm. If you like games like one of the Earthworm Jim game series, you will absolutely fall in love with this game. Two thumbs all the way up!

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