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Classic strategy game with a lot of depth but abysmal graphics

Ogre will ask of you to make some very important concessions from the get go. This is a fantasy based turn based strategy that doesn't put too much emphasis on great graphics. Quite on the contrary, the hexagon grid is produced with little concern for color or for ease of use. But, on the other hand, given the time the game was released, back in 86, the game does offer a lot for what the machines of the period could handle. However, if you are a seasoned tactical wargamer, you will soon be captured by the beauty of the simulation itself, and the inherent complexity of each scenario. As you would expect, the game tasks you with the tactical movement of your units, with economic aspects and also, with the primordial need to establish secure provision lines. Thus, you will have to be very careful to how you plan your defense or offenses, making sure that you have the resources or the strategic higher ground to succeed. In terms of pacing, the game is relatively fast, in that the enemies are rather aggressive, so you won't have to wait a lot to actually get into a skirmish. But, as always, a good balance of resource management coupled with smart tactical choices is what will win the game for you. If you like the concept of the game or the setting, but would like a turn based lower level tactics game, do also try Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. While set in the same universe, you will control units individually, and not squads and entire armies.

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