Dragonriders of Pern

Strategy 1987 Dos Everlasting God game or micromanagement Fantasy

Ride dragons and save the world

Dragonriders of Pern is an interesting combination of strategy and action, and also of sci fi and fantasy. Set on a colonized planet of Pern, it's population work as dragon breeders and riders, all in the task of defending the planet from the "silver thread", which falls to the sky and ruins the world's resources. Your job is that of a master of a county of sort, and you have to keep the business going, as well as form alliances and negotiations with other counties to build a solid army of dragons to destroy the thread, and that is the strategic part of the game. The action based one comes if the negotiations were successful. You and your people ride the dragons and fly in 3D environment and the dragons devour the thread with their fire. If you don't like that part of the game, you can simply deselect it. The game is very interesting and unique to play and also quite challenging, since the negotiations are very tricky to handle and you never know what to expect. The game has a very nice soundtrack, as good as it can be for a 1983 game. The graphics are simple and grainy, but with much detail and very nice colors. If you like old school games and fantasy, give this game a shot, you will love it. If you're for more dragon games, try Dragon Strike.

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