Savage Warriors

Action 1995 Windows Dosbox Mindscape Beat em up

Nice ideas, bad gameplay

Savage Warriors is a scrolling fighting game that has more than several fantastic ideas which were unfortunately not implemented very successfully. The premise of the game is fascinating - 10 fighters from various eras in history have been taken away and set into this weird land and the only way to get home would be to fight each other. The looks of the game combined with the premise really pump you up.. That is, until you actually start playing. The more you play it, the more frustrating the game will become. Not only are the controls too weird and totally not intuitive, you will be able to beat several computer generated opponents in a row. Talk about hard and exciting :/ Well, these are the only problems with the game, but they are huge enough to be a massive turn-off for most players. The clay-man graphics look cool enough at first but after spending a while these too start to look less than appealing. Well, while the game seems cool and has a few very innovative ideas, it just doesn't have what it takes to make a person enjoy the gameplay.

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