Creep Clash

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox 47-TEK Beat em up

Worst fighting game ever?

There's a reason why most people will have never heard of this game: it is so bad so that following its release, it simply dropped off the gaming world's radar. Although the game sounds promising enough, pitting a variety of monsters against each other in a 2D fighter similar to classics like Street Fighter 2 or Mortal Kombat, it quickly goes wrong as soon as you start playing. As is often the way in fighters, a story is provided which details how a battle is unfolding between the various undead creatures which inhabit the world of Eternal Night, with the victor being able to open the door to the land of the living. A choice of four fighters is available to players, including a fire-breathing pumpkin, a vampire bat and a Frankenstein's monster-like creature, each with their own special moves and abilities. The game plays out pretty much exactly the same as every other 2D fighter you've ever played, with players choosing a character then simply engaging in one-on-one combat with their opponent until one of them can't get up. Unfortunately, while the formula does undoubtedly work, here is fails almost completely. The number of characters available is pitifully small, with stages that are equally lacking in scale and although there are a decent number of fighting moves, this isn't enough to save the game. The graphics too are extremely poor, with minimal backgrounds and characters that have very little detail and this really doesn't help the game out. Apart from the number of available moves, Creep Clash really doesn't have anything to recommend it so this and so should be avoided by everyone but the most dedicated fighting fan.

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