Action 1995 Dos Triniti Software Beat em up

Poor beat 'em up

The success of fighting games like Mortal Kombat seems to have inspired the creation of Antagony, but unfortunately it is a far cry from the high standards of this series or the Street Fighter games, and is only worth a look for hardcore beat 'em up fans. Despite taking a fairly standard approach to the 2D fighting genre, the game does have several points in its favour which make its amateur origins seem slightly more impressive, but which are not enough to raise it up out of the gutter. There are seven fighters on display here, which although low for current games, isn't bad for its time, and there are a few different modes to choose from, including two player versus, single match, and tournament play. Of course, each character has a set of standard punches and kicks but also have their own special moves to make them stand out a little and it is here that the game scores a few points, with a higher than average number of standard moves. However, that's about the only good thing there is to say about the game. The characters are all pretty much the same, with only minor differences in their moves and abilities and which makes it rather pointless trying out different ones. Visually too, the game fails to impress, with dull backdrops and sprites that are poorly animated and move less than gracefully, while the sound is similarly poor. Controls are fairly responsive but not particularly intuitive, and render the game somewhat frustrating. Really, unless you absolutely have to play every fighting game in existence, steer clear of this one and stick with the classics.

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