Smokin Guns

Arcade 1993 Dos Twin Dolphin Games Shooter Military

Win 3.1 shooting parlor game' pretty interesting

Smokin Guns is a simple window based shooter gallery type of deal; it offers you a number of screens, none of them actually containing a lot of animation, except for the popping bodies of enemies, which you have to shoot. You have to pay attention in what direction you're aiming though, as there are civilians there too, which need to be spared. The setting is a futuristic one, set on planet Neptune, however, the cacophony of visuals doesn't really portray some alien planet, but rather looks Earth like. At any rate, you point your mouse cursor in the direction where you want to shoot and you shoot! Simple and straightforward, and very well produced, for its time. It's a perfect timewaster, with no pretensions that it's anything more, and difficultly wise I'd say it's an average game, with just a few spikes in difficulty towards the end, when timing your shots is more important to getting the job done. And so, if you are into games like Mad Dog McCree, this one will offer you the same trigger (mouse!) happy gameplay with alright visuals, to spend those hard 5 minutes when you want to relax but still don't wanna let go of the mouse!

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