Orbital Sniper

Action 2002 Windows Military

Top down shooter/action game

Orbital Sniper is a shooting heavy game that wants to be realistic. However, you see the game from so high above that it is hard to make up the elements of the decor as realistic, or just cartoony realized in a very realistic manner. At any rate, your high up position makes it easier to see everyone, and your targets are always in your line of fire, as long as they are not hidden in buildings. It's a game that will definitely keep your attention, because this is not a game where you keep on shooting at everything that moves. You have very specific targets. The game's idea is that you have to save VIPs (but also normal, non marked citizen) from getting executed by the baddies. So, you are always quite close to having somebody executed. So, you too have to move fast, mark your targets and shoot accurately. You can also zoom in a little, but for the most part, you are in the orbit, so don't expect the game to truly offer you close grounded action. A good alternative, more shooting heavy is Alien Shooter: Fight For Life, which definitely is a game where alien blood will fall buckets full!

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