Cold War

Action 2005 Windows Nordic Games 3D action adventure Strategic scope Military FPS

It's cold outside

If you've finished off the Splinter Cell games or Dark Project and are looking for something to scratch that stealth itch, then Cold War is a little-known option that is worth a closer inspection. It's far from perfect of course, but it manages to provide most of what fans of such things desire and is thus a decent addition to your collection. In the game's complex plot, you find yourself in the role of an American journalist who gets caught up in some major conspiracy action in Russia in the 1980s, including being framed for the murder of a high-ranking official. Your main goal in the game is to escape the notorious KGB prison, along with a fellow inmate who has also been framed, before proving your innocence and uncovering the conspiracy. The gameplay is fairly typical stealth stuff, but seeing as though you're a journalist, not a highly trained agent, there's less reliance on hi-tech gadgets and gunplay, and you really do need to sneak your way through most situations. Cold War is certainly not a novel game, and it most closely resembles the Splinter Cell titles in execution, but that doesn't prevent it from being pretty enjoyable. There's a definite focus on stealth over action so be wary of this, but if that's what you're after, there's plenty of tension and excitement to be found here. This is tempered somewhat by the poor AI and occasionally frustrating design choices, while the visuals are also a little low rent. However, get past this, and you're left with an enjoyable offering.

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