Dogs of War

Action 2000 Windows Software Engineering War

Introduces a new genre

Dogs of War is a 2000 futuristic real-time strategy game, that presents a new genre, the action tactics one. You can command an army that includes more than 40 different unit types and you can also be in one sniper's shoes, in 3rd person mode! This means you are able to look along the telescopic sights of the rifle. The units can be infantry, mechanised units and aliens, and there is a wide range of camera modes for a better strategy, and various 3rd person views. Dogs of War contains 25 singleplayer missions, 8 maps specially rendered for the multiplayer mode, where you can emblazon your own various units mentioned above. In the battles, there are allowed to participate up to 200 units, but in the first scenarios a few massive units can be considered as participants. Depending on your experience, you can offer your units a new position/rank. AS soon as a certain rank is reached, these units will be able to perform more actions or to influence more the rival troops. The environment includes desserts, snowy or urban locations. The tactics suppose the planning of the attack and the deep thought of it, choosing the entry places and what units shall be damaged. As a conclusion, Dogs of War is a game that can't be missed, introducing some new aspects.

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