Wipeout XL

Arcade 1996 Windows Dosbox Psygnosis Futuristic

Future sound of racing

With its pumping soundtrack, slick graphics and superb blend of high octane racing and powerful weaponry, Wipeout XL is a true classic of the racing genre that still holds its own today. The game is the sequel to the original Wipeout and is set 100 years later with competitors now participating in a faster, deadlier version of the anti-gravity racing league. The formula changed little between the two games, with players still controlling ultra-fast hovercraft in a series of ever more challenging league races across a variety mind boggling courses. However, this time around, weapons were introduced, adding a new tactical element to racing, while the graphics also saw a major improvement. Courses were more innovative and exciting and new craft and teams were brought in. Wipeout is also notable for its futuristic soundtrack, which featured the music of The Prodigy, The Chemical Bros. and Underworld to create a seriously cool atmosphere. A key feature of any racing game is the controls, and in this respect Wipeout does not disappoint. They are highly responsive and allow great drivers to pull of some cunning moves, whipping around tight turns at top speed. Fast, furious and graphically stunning, this is future racing at its best.

One of the best futuristic racing games

A continuation from Wipeout from 1995, This game is very fast, very dynamic, very exciting and extremely fun. Probably one of the best futuristic racing games ever and it reminds me a lot of games like Plane Crazy and Megarace 2. The whole games is like a big needle full of adrenaline heading straight to your veins. And that is before the whole destroying of cars begins. The cars that are available are all slick, cool and very, very fast. The controls are very responsive and listen to your every whim quickly and appropriately, and there are a lot of neat tricks that can be taught for better and faster performance. The tracks are designed with extreme detail and care, up to the last curve. They are difficult and challenging, so the game is not for the novice racer. The gameplay is absolutely fantastic and the soundtrack very appropriate for the futuristic racing mood. Seriously, you are still reading this? Go and play the game! You won't regret it.

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