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Genetic engineering is the future!

Here's a strategy game that kind of nailed it when it came to future trends. Not that it has already come to this (genetically engineered soldiers!) but I'm pretty sure that won't be out of the question in the near future. At any rate, WarBreeds is a strategy game, classic in many ways. However, it prides itself with a genetic engineering bit that is quite interesting and that adds variety to the gameplay. Basically, on the battlefield the genetic code of the dropped enemies can be used to better your soldiers. The game GeneWars is another classic that had a similar perk, but here the game ups the ante with even more variety and diversity. Along with this gimmick the game also allows you extreme customization of your weapons. In fact, it seems that more than 35 thousand different guns can be produced from the bits the game includes. At any rate, with or without these gimmicks, this is an okay game, good for players that don't necessarily like the most intricate of strategies but which like to linger on games that offer them many options to fiddle with.

Mindblowing combination of tactic

When it comes to real-time strategy games, I usually go with the historical ones like Empire Earth, but I also like intergalactic strategy games and sci-fi strategy games. StarCraft is a prime example of how great the sci-fi strategy game genre is. WarBreeds is another example of how great futuristic RTS games are. Unlike Blizzard's game, which plays like any other strategy game, WarBreeds tried to be a different RTS, bringing some original elements. For example, in many strategy game, you use a specialised unit to gather nearby resources, whereas here resources are harvested by buildings at a constant rate based on the abundance of resources within a certain radius of those buildings. Another elements that you don't see in any other RTS is the ability to harvest DNA from dead enemies, allowing you to use their technology, which is a nice feature. The last thing I have to mention is the way you create your military units. It's clear that the developers from Red Orb took the idea from Earth 2150. Someone has made an aproximation of the total number of unique combinations: 35.000! That's mindblowing! While the games itself is great, the graphics are just okay, but not too impressive and the sound department could've done a better job. But nonetheless, WarBreeds is a great RTS game, offering new elements that you won't quite see in other RTS games and who doesn't want to play a game that has 35,000 unique combinations for military units?

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