Lombard RAC Rally

Racing 1988 Dos Dosbox Red Rat Software Ltd Rally Arcade style

Adorably simple and yet so convincing a sim rally game!

The fact that you're always pinned inside the vehicle as you drive is accomplishing two things in Lombard RAC Rally: on one hand it reduces the rendered amount of graphics that need to be refreshed constantly and it sort of gives the game the appearance of being a serious simulator. But what it is in all actuality is a front scrolling sprite based game, very cute in its ways and very fun to play. Heh, the simulation is so “hardcore” that your copilot is tasked with holding a clipboard where the current position on the circuit is shown, dot style. What can I say, it's just got an adorable late 80s feel that some DOS games mastered, and it always takes me back to a good place. Nope, there's not much besides there artifices if we are to consider the game's simulation desires, but whatever, it works fine, and it just has character, something quite hard to pin in a game meant to be played on the IBM compatibles of the 80s! Give it a go if you love the “sims” of the 80s, this racer sure knows its roots. Alternatively, if you crave some more badass sim rally game, go try Richard Burns Rally, a true simulation game that lives up to that title.

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