Wild Wheels

Racing 1990 Dos Dosbox Ocean Off road Arcade style Action based

A very early 3D racer; basic, gimmicky yet fun!

Wild Wheels is a very different kind of racer game, with a cool idea; what if mini racers were inside a stadium and were playing a mean soccer like game, spinning around a ball. Thus, you control a racer of a certain color. You have to take the ball and put it into the adversary's net. You do that by taking it from the other cars, and by pushing it around. However, you have to mind your speed; go too fast and your little racer will explode. You can watch the game from a bird' eye perspective, high from above, where you see the entire field, or you can choose to see your racer from the back, and get a close to the action kind of perspective. At any rate, the car squad that pushes the more goals into the adversary's net by the end of the match is the victor. It's a silly game, relatively easy to play, in very cool 3D, yet minimalist. A better similar experience, might be Future Wars, so, have that one download too, and decide which games speaks more to you, and which one is set to live on your hard drive for more than just a few minutes!

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