Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Creative Dimensions Single screen Puzzle based Item collection

Waka, waka, waka, waka..

This is truly one of the best Pac-Man clones out there. We have our same coin eating yellow ball, running around, trying to escape the baddies and eating them back when he gets the chance, but this time he does it in a fantastic environment which are 5 different beautifully designed worlds. The only other thing that distinguishes this game from the original is the side kick that is included, another ball called Snoofer, with cool appearance in white color. Each of the five worlds have unique and beautiful design that really make the old mazes of the classic game look old and boring. The rest of the gameplay is virtually unchanged. Our hero is traveling the maze, trying to eat all the coins there are, and looking for those big coins that temporarily turn him into an indestructible monster eating menace. Watch out for him when he's in a bad mood! The old and popular game of cat and mouse has never looked this good or been this fun. Fantastic VGA graphics and cool music that make your head bob really make the game shine brighter than ever. The game is truly great for all fans of the most popular game in the whole world and beyond and all that aspire to be!

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