Pac Gal

Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox J. Jimenez Item collection

Lady Pac, just as badass as gentleman Pac!

Looking for yet another not too different than the original close of Pac Man?! Well, this can be it, just as nice a game, but for all intents and purpose not at all too different. Sure, that can be a great thing, but except for the title, the gameplay is quite the same. Adding injury to the insult of not trying something a little bit more original is the fact that the game has graphics that don't even look better or, at the very least, different than the graphics of the original game. So, as you'd expect Pac Gal is a game that will be highly playable for those that love Pac Man and don't have a lot to ask of them. But, ultimately, Pac Gal is a game that is all about that fun of eating all the pellets and also, it is a game that is all about chasing the ghosts whenever you gain one of those pellets that affords you superpowers. Well, that being said, Pac Gal is still great with the addition that its mazes are much more intricate than those of the originals. If that is what you wanted, this game delivers. Plus, as in Ms Pac Man, you can exit the screen left or right side and emerge on the other side, which is a great in tight, ghost ridden spaces!

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