CHAMP Pac-em

Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Single screen Epic Item collection

Basic Pac-man clone

If there's anything certain in the games industry, it's that as soon as someone comes up with a hit idea, someone else will be right along with a second-rate copy that adds nothing to the original and just seeks to coast along on its success. In the case of CHAMP Pac-em, it did take the developers about fifteen years to knock out their clone, but really you have to ask why they bothered. If you can't guess from the title, this is another basic Pac-man clone which adds one or two features to the classic gameplay, but in all other respects is pretty much identical. There are two modes on display here, 'Classic' and 'Champ', with the former providing a faithful recreation of the original Pac-man's pill gobbling, ghost avoiding, maze-based action. The latter mode adds in random teleports and speed ramps to try and introduce something new to the mix, with enhanced sound effects, multiple difficulty levels and even two-player mode are thrown in for further appeal. Visually, this is virtually identical to the original, with only some cartoonish renditions of the much-loved Pac-man and ghosts added to the title screen and main game screen marking it out as being different. The new sound effects and music are certainly authentic sounding but if anything detract from the appeal. However, the new features in Champ mode do bring in some much needed variety and are really the only reason to play this over the original. The basic gameplay is still intact and remains as enjoyable as ever for retro-loving high score fiends, but as ever, if you want the purest Pac-man experience, go with the original.

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