CHAMP Centiped-em

Arcade 1997 Dos Dosbox CHAMProgramming Single screen Epic Item collection

Like the Atari Centipede, but more diverse

CHAMP Centiped-em offers you two modes of play: a classic one, which is very much in the style of classic Centipede; the second, called Champ mode, is a much more faster, with lots more bugs and also, the ability to shoot multiple times. The idea of the game is that you are facing an invasion of insects; thus, each level, you have to destroy as many of these insects as possible; you have to shoot the spiders, the fleas, the scorpions, and, in the end of each round, you have to face the mighty centipede itself, which is a boss. It's a shooter game, and in this 97 remake, it's a lot faster, with lots more enemies, and also with overall better graphics, working much better, overall, with fewer gimmicks and improper ideas. But, for the most part, gameplay is classic, and thus, the shooting becomes a bit repetitive after a while. Still, if you want to play this kind of shooting, not thinking game, this is a much more suited arcader to try than the originals, especially for modern Windows OSes. So, if you like arcade conversions, download this one too, it is well produced and very nice to play, overall.

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