Close Combat: Invasion - Normandy

Strategy 2000 Windows SSI Historical World Wars Top down Real time

Realistic and engaging

Close Combat: Invasion - Normandy is a 2000 historical strategy game whose action set in 1944 presents an event described in the title. This is a new episode of the real-time tactical simulation series. The map is structured in seven operations, four campaigns and it contains 51 battles. You can choose to play between single battles, multiplay, and extended campaigns, and the missions can be edited as you wish. Your team is composed of 12 groups of up to 10 men each. You will offer your soldiers orders and they will act depending on some agents, like the enemy's position or some ethics. They will also engage in actions based on their own reasoning. This game keeps the strategic elements present in its prequel and the possibility to modify your team's structure (present in CC3). You can choose what military units deserve to engage in war, and this is one of the most important aspects in CC5. In other CC games you could call upon a trick in order to be informed about your enemies skills and equipment, by playing on their side. But with CC5, a single click is enough to reveal your opponents traits. The AI in this game is well-organized and will enable forceful attacks. The high level of realism will increase the action's dynamism and implicitly, the players excitement and captivation for the war they involve in. The realism is present also in the sound area, because the effects and voices are more natural unlike the previous games, and the graphics also play an important role in this game's charm.

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