Quake 4

Action 2005 Windows Activision Horror Shooter Fpp Shooter action Sci fi

Modern, highly playable shooter, of the Doom 3 era

Quake 4 is a highly playable shooter in the first person perspective genre, a damn well produced one, graphically of the modern age, and similar to Doom 3 and the like (Halo, CoD, etc.) Story and settings wise, Quake 4 takes place mostly on Mars, where the invader Strogg, was camped ever since where the second game in the series left it. Therefore, you, the trusty space marine have to intervene, and through your wit, sorry, scrape that, through your sacrificial first line of attack intervention will annihilate him. The game's single player campaign, similar to Doom's is mostly a corridor chase, here and there with the occasional larger space to roam through. The multiplayer instead is mainly the meat of the game, with up to 16 players per map, with the classic types of challenges/modes: deathmatch, team deathmatch, CFT and DeadZone, a new additional type of multiplayer game included in this release. Still, the game plays as a collation of the earlier games, with strafe jumping having been included in engine (in the past it was more of a glitch!) plus rocket jumping also coded in the game and not an exploit. Great game in the series, for Sci Fi lovers a great addition, and for lovers of shooter, in general a game worth its salt.

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