Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning aren't so Frightening

Adventure 1998 Windows Akella Humorous Cartoon Casual

Classic kids adventure

Kids hero Pajama Sam has starred in a pretty extensive lineup of games over the year, from the likes of No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside to Life is Rough When you Lose Your Stuff, and this one is one of the best of his adventures. Like its brethren, it's a sort of junior take on the classic SCUMM adventures like Maniac Mansion, Loom and Monkey Island and while it's not quite up to the standards of these legends, it remains a fun experience for younger fans. This one finds youngster Sam being slightly afraid of thunder and lightning, but as always when the kid gets scared, he takes solace in his alter ego Pajama Sam, who is apparently afraid of nothing. PJ Sam must travel to World Wide Weather in order to help regular Sam overcome his fear, but while there, a bit of an accident occurs and which causes the planet's weather to go a bit haywire. What follows is a fun adventure, that sees players trying to sort out the mess by exploring, playing games, solving puzzles and making some new friends. When considered in relation to its target market, this is really great stuff. The character of Sam is as engaging as ever and kids everywhere can relate to his fears, making this a good game to help other youngsters over their own issues. The visuals are really well done, with lovely vibrant colour schemes and some great design work that really brings this crazy world to life. The gameplay too is rarely less than enjoyable, with a near perfect mix of puzzles and mini-games to enjoy which are both challenging and fun to play, so if you have younger adventurers in the house, do them a favour and check this out.

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