Beavis and ButtHead: Do U.

Adventure 1998 Windows GT Interactive Humorous Cartoon

A hilariously crazy adventure

A hilarious installment of the Beavis and Butthead video games. The Beavis and ButtHead games released during the craze of the smash hit mtv cartoon series consisted mainly of mini games like in Beavis and ButtHead Virtual Stupidity. This game plays more like a cinematic adventure game, which I like more, because the game is based off a tv series. Having cinematic gameplay the game actually feels a little bit like watching a Beavis and Butthead episode, which makes it highly enjoyable for any fan of the show. The game is a hilarious riot to play as the boys are just as crazy in the show if not even more in the game. The duo fight over "scoring" with hot babes and laugh stupidly at anything, just like in the show. You begin your adventure by going off with the class to a college open day. The insanity begins from there. A highly humorous game that is a real pleasure to play if you like silly comedy and feel like playing a game that should not be taken too seriously. I wonder why this Beavis and Butthead game seems to be less well known than other Beavis and ButtHead games, when Beavis and ButtHead: Do U is such a classic.

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