Rugrats Munchin Land

Adventure 2002 Windows 1C Company Cartoon Puzzle based

A game that improves your creativity and intelligence!

Rugrats Munchin Land is a 2002 adventure game based on the cartoon series, with lots of puzzles to solve. The action takes place in the land of odd. Tommy and all his Rugrats friends have to find the Whizzer of Odd. As you probably figured out, this game is based on the classic story: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The characters are: Kimi as "the girl from Kansas", Chuckie the "Scaredy-Cat Lion", Tommy as "The Scarecrow" and Phil & Lil as "The Tin Twins". You will win the game if you find Whizzer of Odd (Grandpa Lou). You will face many obstacles throughout the game and some of them are The MunchinTollbooth Keeper (Dil) and the Wicked Witch of the West (Angelica). The Good Witch (Susie) will help you pass all the obstacles, and will stay at your disposal with all the help. She will also help you understand the game better and to learn fast. You will take turns spinning a colorful spinner, and the arrows will show possible directions when approaching a fork in the road. Then you will move to the right colored space. You will be rewarded with fun surprises. The point and click interface looks good and is simple to use. Beside the help provided by Susie, the mini-games will also offer proper guidance. The humorous aspect will keep you stuck to it long hours, but the repetitive aspect that defines the gameplay will ruin the charm a bit. All in all, this is a great educational game that will improve your creativity, skills and intelligence!

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