Paladin 1

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox Omnitrend Software Fantasy Organized Forces

Not a lot of plot but a lot of action!

Paladin 1 is a role playing game that got a few things right, but managed to bog down on some other levels. The part that is great about this one, is that, while the story alnd lore is your classical RPG one, it doesn't get a lot of detail, and, while you might think that this particular thing might be a bad thing, when you find out how cookie cutter the universe is, you will be happy to have been spared! Nope, this is all about the action and about the excitement of finding yet another ne dungeon, monster or some other weapon or piece of equipment. The problem and a very unfortunate one, is that the game doesn't really excel at the level of the control detail. Even the very simplest of actions, like moving your character around is a bit of an issue, mostly because you have to do a lot of fine fiddling. You see, while in a normal game you'd just press up and the character would move up, here the character moves on the axis you've left him. Which adds another level of control to it all. But, at any rate you get used to it. And after that, it'm mainly smooth sailing, no issues, no questions asked. So, if you love top down RPGs, surely you'll find this one to your liking too. A good alternative download can also be Paladin 2, similar in many ways, but better graphically and controls wise.

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